Let’s take some time to reflect

I have been doing way better recently than I did in the last quarter of 2020. Realizing this got me to recognize that the Energy I put out and surround myself with had played a tremendous role with where I was in the past few months to where I am now. Even more, I have come to understand that they are all factored through my thoughts, hopes, level of faith, the people I choose to associate with, their perspective to life, and my perspective. The people I seek counsel from, what I listen to, the information I choose to keep, the lessons I gain from my experiences and mistakes. My response to the situations, how I handle challenges and the circumstances I consciously and subconsciously attach or find myself. Most importantly, I realized that my level of growth very much determined everything.

I have noticed my growth level over the years, and I am grateful for how much I have grown. Now i see life entirely differently, and from a much positive perspective. Again, this is all part of growth and trust me; it does feel good to observe the changes, especially when you are doing better each time.

So I throw it to you, have you noticed yourself evolve in any area of your life. It could even be changing a habit. Take some time to reflect.

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