Let’s pray against COVID-19!

I entirely understand if you feel scared, stressed or worried right now. Things have gotten worse in the past few days. The world is slowly losing it to COVID-19. Everything seems unstable, uncertain, and unpredictable at this point. The number of infected people is increasing, and death tolls seem to be multiplying.

Even more, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected a lot of businesses and jobs. I hear the New York stock exchange might be closing for the first time in 200years.
The travel industry has taken one of the biggest hit so far as flights are cancelled, and increasing amounts of people are put off travelling due to containment concerns, government restrictions, compulsory curfews and social isolation.

Honestly, I feel like we are in a movie right now. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Contagion’ on Netflix, you should check it out because what we are facing now with COVID -19 outbreak is very similar to what the film is about, which makes things even scarier. Hence, I can’t help but share my concerns about the current situation of things right now.

Like i stated last week. We need to pray, and it is vital. Let’s not wait till things get worse than they are right now. This pandemic has taken a toll on the world, and it needs to end. We need God to heal the world. Let us also try to practice social distancing for our good and for the safety of others. Stay safe! Don’t forget to wash and pray.

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