Let’s learn to appreciate every moment of our lives

As individuals, we have dreams, hopes, and aspiration we hope comes to pass, but sometimes life doesn’t necessarily work according to our plans. Rachel Marie Martin once said, “you have to let go of the picture of what you thought it would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.”

I know the year isn’t over, but this fantastic quote defines what this year has been like for me. I spent most of my precious moment this year worrying too much about the future. Well, let me say I am one of those people who care too much about the future and forget to find Joy in my present. I know some people do not only worry about the future like me but spend a great deal of time regretting the past.

Sometimes we forget to live life for the moment and enjoy everything today has for us. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for where we are today.  Have we ever considered the fact that today use to be a future we dreamt of?  Well, it is to me.

Yesterday is the past, the future is what we hope for, but we live in the present.  Do we know that a good measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we can live and find joy in the present moment? Can we live in the present and worry less about the future?

I am not trying to discourage you from working towards the future; I am not trying to tell you the future isn’t of importance. I believe it is necessary to worry about the future sometimes, mainly when the actions of today might affect tomorrow.

However, I am simply saying, embrace the mindfulness, the beauty, the treasure and the uniqueness of every moment. Live today with Joy. Trust me you never know the value of the present until it becomes a memory.

I have taught myself to appreciate every moment of life. I have learned to find joy in whatever I do, and wherever I find myself. In essence, I have learned to embrace the attitude of appreciating every moment of my life regardless of what circumstance you find yourself. Trust I have experienced more joy and inner peace than ever. I encourage your embrace the attitude of appreciating every moment of your life too.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “Let’s learn to appreciate every moment of our lives”

  1. Exactly, we should treasure every moment and instead of regretting our pasts,we should learn from them cos what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. And instead of worrying about tomorrow, we should live today cos it influences tomorrow

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