Let’s get real…

Discontent has become one of the most trivial issues in our society today. The hunger for money, better life, sometimes fame and has led so many people into the wrong path, and this is a problem.

The existence of social media in our society today has also influenced this issue of discontent. Think about it. People share their lavish lifestyle, trips, vacation, branded outfits and even their flashy assets, and so many people want to belong to this ‘class of people.’ Nonetheless, some people fail to understand that there is a story to every man’s success.

Sometimes they even fail to realize that it does take a lot of work, perseverance, consistency and devotion to get to any level of achievement. Yet some have dived into living fake lives just to portray and be identified amongst the rich and wealthy. Some even go as far as getting involved in fraudulent stuff to acquire wealth to live this lavish lifestyle. What is the gain!

There is nothing wrong with wanting a good life for yourself; it becomes a problem when your need for a better life is associated with lies and many questionable actions that will eventually mock you and hurt you. What then is the rush for?

In this world we live in, everything is in turn. Why not work hard and have faith that your turn will come, and when it does, it will be better. Tomorrow might just be your turn. Also, keep in mind that anything worth doing is worth doing well. #foodforthought.

4 thoughts on “Let’s get real…”

  1. Nice one, our government is one of the major problem that we have, mostly in this country Nigeria.. They embezzle our funds and use it to establish companies in other countries. Our government are the major Yahoo

  2. Yes baby girl, you have spoken well.
    I also feel that people need to know themselves well. They need to know their social media strengths and weaknesses as well, that way they don’t fall into the fakeness of social media.
    Social media has its perks!
    Let’s all try to be content! Especially my fellow Nigerians. They believe if you haven’t spent money lavishly you’re not rich. The rich don’t spend lavishly.. that understanding should be there.
    Like you clearly mentioned, perseverance, hardwork and faith works. But this microwave generation have no iota of patience in them

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