Let’s Get Personal …

I haven’t been in my best element for a while. At some point in the past week, I felt a part of me lost motivation. So, I decided to sit back to reflect. Then I realized I was too focused and concerned about too many things that I forgot to focus on myself and even be grateful to God for who I am today and the woman I am becoming.

It was at this point; I hit another reality check for myself. There is just too much to be grateful for. I might not have achieved as much as I expect, but my life so far is indeed a testimony.

Life in itself will always throw challenges at you. They never end. It feels like when you are done fighting one battle; another arises—the circle of life. However, we forget to appreciate God for his grace through those phases where we came out heroes. This was me this past week. Yes! I wasn’t grateful enough to God for seeing me through those challenges that are now a part of my testimonies. Yet, I was beating over my worries of life that He will indeed see me through again. As a lot of my Nigerian friends will say, “this life no balance.”

Some individuals are experiencing this right now. It is excruciating, trust me. Nonetheless, I think it’s time we learn to worry less about what we could have and appreciate what we have. Life is in stages. What will be, will be.

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