Let God’s will be done.

It is funny how we mount so much pressure on ourselves to achieve goals and forget that we need to seek the direction of God. The Guidance of God comes with clarity.

Have we ever thought of the fact that sometimes we pursue things that we are not ready or prepared to handle? Do we even pay attention to the fact that often our wants, needs or even desires might not also be aligned with the will of God for us at the time? This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer prayers. According to the Bible, God has spoken to us through his word that he will order our steps according to his word. Trust me; I choose to stand by his word because he knows what is best for us. There is a famous saying; God’s delay is not denial. When you seek the face of God and lean not on your understanding He will direct your ways.

Some of us tend to ignore warning signs; those little whispers from God that suggest we are stepping away from what He wants. During an interview session with Gospel artist Maxwell Au on my radio show at CJAM, he explained that God’s will always come with peace. Both internal and in every ramification. Honestly, it’s true, and I have experienced it. There were times I had pursued dreams that did not align with God’s will for me. It never felt right and I never found that peace.

So when things do not work out as you want them, it could be God saying hold on, there are better days ahead. Let’s allow God to guide and direct our path. Let us try to listen to God even as we ask and hope to receive. Remember, God will never lead you astray. He will never lead you to failure. He knows what’s best for us. He knows the right time for everything. Think about it.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it any better then this. Everytime that i have felt failure or sadness or pain, i know that it will always be okay, because God will never let us down, might not be right away, but he will always have an answer for us, whether its through whispers like you said, whether its through people, through a quote, through a book, he will always have an answer for us, because he leads us to the right direction eventually, only as long as we believe in Him, in God. God is always beside us, wherever we go. Thank you Mandy for your amazing words!

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