It’s time to make that change happen

Are you in any situation that has made you feel like you need a change?
Are there things you will like to start, stop or probably have or do differently. The primary question I think we fail to ask ourselves is, is there a right time to make this difference happen?

For many years, I struggled with this. There were a series of things in my life I needed to change, but I wasn’t exactly sure of when and how to go about them. Funny enough, it took me a while to realize I wasn’t the only one wearing this shoe.

One of the hindrances I faced every time I needed a change in one way or the other was that I cared too much about what people around me would say, especially my family. For unknown reasons, I was also scared of the unknown. Looking back now, these were my biggest challenges every time I found myself in this situation, and one thing i knew for sure was I was never happy with any circumstance in life that needed change. Sometimes, i tried to encourage and motivate myself to handle and manage it but, controlling a phase of your life you are unhappy with could be draining.

However, it did take me a while to realize I need to take some chances regardless of what people will say and irrespective of how they feel, as long as I know its right and would bring me happiness. Since i got to this phase of my life, I started to experience a different of peace of mind, i can’t explain. I feel accomplished every time i get to change anything that makes me unhappy and start something that i believe should bring me joy. I can’t explain the feeling, but it’s worth it. If you are currently tied to this situation, please break free. It is worth it.

I hope today’s blog post helps anyone who needs this. Don’t forget to share and subscribe. Stay breezy

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