It’s my birthday!

I woke up this morning feeling grateful; grateful for the woman I have become and the woman I see myself becoming. Let me start by saying that the first quarter of 2019 has taught me not to take anything for granted; instead, I have learned to value so many things I neglected or took for granted in the past. It has also taught me to be content with what I have.

I must say I have positively evolved over the past years, and it could only be by God’s grace. He has seen me through the ups and downs of my life so far. He has strengthened my faith and given me courage even during challenging times.

I want to use this medium to appreciate God for his mercies, blessings, grace, favour, protection, provision and above all his unconditional love. I want to thank God for my amazing family, my fantastic friends and the wonderful mentors he has blessed me with. I probably haven’t gotten to where I want, but I am excited to say that I am a work in progress. Thank you, Lord, for adding another year to my life.

I am so emotional today, and this is one of the many ways I have chosen to express my profound gratitude to God on a special day like this in my life. Okay! I know today’s blog post isn’t what you were expecting but come on guys!!! It’s my birthday!! Join me celebrate!

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