It is heartbreaking- Let’s put an end to slavery

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It saddens my heart to see that the cruel act of slavery still exists in our modern day and age. African migrants and refugees are being sold like goods in a Libyan slave market. How can human-beings be auctioned as goods, product or properties? This is indeed disheartening

My idea of slavery is from historical stories of our forefathers back in the early 15th century, and it is no news that slave trade has had a long-standing impact on the Libyan culture. However, we live in a contemporary society where this should not be in existence.

According to a news article, Migrants for sale: Slave trade in Libya published by Al Jazeera, “Libya is the main gateway for people attempting to reach Europe by sea. As shocking as it is, it is indeed true. Most of the refugees stranded come from countries like Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ghana, in West Africa.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt; these are African men and women moving to Europe, in search of a better life. Presently they are being held in Libya and transformed into slaves. This is an unbelievably severe problem

According to the United Nations Declaration of Human Right, “no one shall be held in slavery or servitude: slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” What is the government doing regarding this?

There are so many horrifying reports and video footage of migrant and refugees in Libya allegedly being sold as slaves. This very indecent act has most people like myself questioning. Why are people currently being sold into slavery? How long has this been in existence before it was brought out to the media?  What does the Libyan government have to say about this ongoing cruel act in their country?

These young men and women, now slaves, deserve better. This inhuman treatment must stop.  There is a driving need to fight this ideology making fellow human beings like you and me to be treated as mere objects.


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  1. The fact that the barbaric act of slavery is a topic today is saddening. I understand that entering a country illegally may be an offense but not one that you should you lose your right to live freely for. If those who have migrated over to Libya are unwanted, just send them back home. After the death of the ruler of Lybia, it has become a place with no central government. So citizens are left to do as they will. Someone needs to step up to provide stability to the country. The whole situation is saddening, and I cry and feel for my fellow African.

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