Is a sex tape enough reason to expel a student?

So recently, a female student at the University of Babcock in Nigeria was expelled because of a viral sex video. The university confirmed that she was in her third year studying accounting while the guy involved was dismissed back in February for certain misconducts. Anyways, there a couple of things I would like to address regarding the whole issue.

Mr. Joshua Suleiman, the Director of Communication and Marketing at Babcock University, issued out a statement to address the reason for expelling her. He stressed that “the place where the immoral act took place, according to her written statement, was at St Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta, Ogun State, where the boy had been undergoing rehabilitation for different destructive addictions.” He further addressed on his statement that “the university remains committed to highest moral standards, and will remain a standard-bearer for quality education in character, learning in service to humanity.” First of all, I will like to believe that a lot of schools in Nigeria think they stand by these standards, but do they?

Nonetheless, I felt distraught to know expulsion was the only solution to address this issue. With no disrespect to the school’s standards and ethics, I think she was their scapegoat. A lot of things don’t seem right! Yes, I get she made a sex video. Okay, she had sex, that’s her private life. She didn’t even make the video on the school premises. Well, it’s sad that the video has gone viral but she didn’t consent to it. Hence, why is she getting expelled? This doesn’t make sense to me. How is it supposed to make things right? “Did Babcock University expel her for having sex or for the fact that a sex tape was released? Should a student be punished for a viral video on the Internet, which she neither published nor consented to it going public? I know for a fact many people wouldn’t necessarily agree with this, but was expulsion the only way to address this?

What is the essence of having schools in our society today? Aren’t they meant to build our character and not expel those whose character has fallen short of standards? Can the University validate their discipline and punishment on this girl? Was she ever offered a chance to address the whole situation?

Let me take you back to the Sex for Grade documentary. The professors involved were only suspended. I mean, for taking advantage of students, specifically female students, in exchange for grades or academic help. They are part of the setbacks that have hindered the growth of our educational system in West Africa and I mean it. These men are destroying the lives of innocent souls, afflicting them with pains and trauma. Now, what does this say about our society? What kind of message are our leaders and university trying to pass across? Why just suspend professors who take advantage of students for grades and expel a girl who had a sex tape released without her consent?

On the other hand, if she could buy her way out of getting expelled from school, this wouldn’t be the story. I bet the school would have a different approach to it. It’s Nigeria we are talking about here. A land where money buys power and controls situations. What a shame!

Well, in summary, I feel this whole issue has not been effectively managed, especially by the school. Let me know what you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this topic; I look forward to reading them. Have a great day.

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  1. The expulsion was not truly justified and doesnt make sense in anyway because the deed was done outside of school premises. How does someones private life affect the school? How does this “punishment” prevent others from committing the same “offence”? What if I wanted to get expelled? All I have to do is create a sextape and make it viral!? There are so many unanswered questions, not for the school but for our motherland Nigeria to answer. We have a long way to go and this typifies how long that road is.

  2. Those that hold “power” in Nigeria are the problem with Nigeria. Expelling someone because of a video that was distributed without the owner’s consent while only suspending lecturers who knowingly pressured students for sex. And even if she did consent is it not her business, The mindset of those preaching morals is backward. Is it moral to sleep with students and fail them if they do not? Is it moral to know that the lecturers are doing this and turn a blind eye? Only God knows what immoral acts they commit behind closed doors.
    I believe some of these educational bodies tend to forget that the students that attend these schools are human beings with blood flowing through their veins, and participate in things that their “educators” do themselves. The finger-pointing in the Nigerian society is the reason we are where we are today and years past. Only God can judge at the end of the day.

    Maybe the issue isn’t the student participating in these acts, but the lack of education they receive about situations like this. Maybe create programs to educate and prevent these scenarios than to scare into submission. Good article.

  3. Honestly, the expulsion is extreme to me. And you are very correct, the sex thing is her private life that was made public, and she should not be expelled for that. A suspension perhaps for her indiscretion, and let’s call it foolishness too.
    Maybe, a counselor could’ve talked to her of how ignorant it is to consent to having a sex video made. I mean there are just foolish people everywhere waiting to pounce on the naivety of others.
    So yes she screwed up, but expulsion, it’s a no no for me.

  4. Anyways.. well said dear and i totally agree with you, atleast for the fact that the video wasn’t done in the school premises and that was her private life…. for me, i think a suspension would have been better and also she needed some counsel for her ignorant behavior.

  5. Honestly, i look at it quite differently, first of, this is a private “christian” university and what she did violate one of the core christian faith believes i..e premarital sex. Premarital sex is premarital sex regardless of where u do it and the school is against that. That’s just on a faith base level. Now, on a pure logical level, asking the school to pardon or overlook the sex tape would be like asking them to overlook any “crime” or “contrary behavior” that was done by a student outside of the school premise. E.g. if a babcock student was involved in robbery and the school was aware of this, should the school take him/her back? Shouldn’t there be some sort of punishment or consequences for this? Otherwise, what would this do to the reputation of the school as a “christian” university? It happens in other institutions as well not just schools, is like if a company found out that their employee was being racist or doing something ill outside of work, most companies fire them. #CancelCulture. Most of this institutions care more about their reputation than anything and they have limits to what they can tolerate. I personally don’t have an issue with her having sex, that’s her life, but the fact that she consented to it being recorded or filmed is something else because she must have known that this thing could leak easily especially in this day and age of social media. I think she has to take responsibility for her actions. Even if they wanted to record, they could have done so cautiously e.g blur their faces or something. Lastly, i think expulsion was maybe a bit too hash. Suspension should have been good enough.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. However, just like you said, expulsion is too harsh and this is my major point of concern.

      Now, how does expulsion as a punishment address the whole situation? ??‍♀️

      1. I don’t know how it does, if anything, i think it just serves as an example to others about the consequences of such behavior! But i can agree with u that the maybe better alternatives to expulsion, But that is a whole different conversation!

    2. I understand your logic but what do you mean by crime? What is the essence of Christianity without forgiveness. The state does not see it as a crime – it’s not like armed robbery etc- where the school should be left with no option.

      1. This is another critical angle to the whole situation. Indeed, what is the essence of Christianity without forgiveness? May God help us.

      2. Yea, good point. I am sure the school wasn’t thinking that much deep because their reputation is at stake here. They don’t want to be seen as the school that accepts such behavior.
        I agree with u, that as a christian university the need to handle such matters as other matters of faith. Jesus wouldn’t have condemned this girl like they did but again, i think they are thinking about their reps more, which a whole different conversation.
        Lastly, just because forgiveness is an essential core of Christianity that doesn’t mean we should exploit it or abuse it. The book of Romans talks about exploiting grace and i think that we can say the same for forgiveness

  6. Mandy… Schools usually ensure students sign an undertaking before being matriculated into the institution. Let’s call a spade a spade. Our generation enjoy giving good riddance to bad rubbish and Nigerians are too emotional.

    Action taken against the student, I believe, is based on school rules and regulations. This is a private university and they have code of conduct.

    How come we’re all throwing that away and wallowing in sentiments?

    It is her private life that was made public. That publicity I believe is against the school rules and regulations. People should learn to be careful.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views on this topic Ijeoma. Nonetheless, how does expulsion address the whole situation? Like I asked in the article, did Babcock expel her for having sex or for the fact that the sex tape might have affected the image of the school?

      Also, could the narrative change if she was from a prestigious home where money speaks over everything?

  7. Honestly I thought the act took place in the school premises. But right now I feel the whole heirachy of the school – Babcock uni- have gone nuts. What the fuck is their business that I have a sex life

  8. For me the school did not address the matter well. I feel expulsion shouldn’t have been the solution. There are students who secretly have sex within the school premises and there are lecturers in Tertiary institutions who are left off the hook for various sexual vices yet little or nothing is done about it.
    The school has no right to expel her for something that was done in private and she didn’t consent to the posting of the video.
    It’s really sad that the school took such drastic steps in a bid to ‘save the image of the school’. They went to the extreme.

  9. I heard it’s a Christian school..I’m actually disappointed because the school is actually supposed to counter the situation like you said and perhaps give her a subtle punishment rather than expulsion.. this is one reason why Religion is actually the face of christianity out here…
    Perhaps it was done in haste to protect the so called name and standards of the school…
    God help us all

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