Insecurity is becoming a major issue in Nigeria

Many Nigerians are constantly living in fear as security has become a big probem in the country. It is no news that militant Islamic group Boko Haram is still terrorizing the North. Since 2009 this group have killed tens of thousands of people and kidnapped and displaced abducted students. They have even forced many to flee their home. They continue to be a terror to Nigerians. 

Even more, Nigeria’s Middle Belt region has faced prolonged violent clashes between the predominantly Christian farmers and the mainly Muslim cattle herders. This clash between the farmers and herders has also spiked another level of insecurity in the nation. It has gotten as bad as innocent people getting kidnapped and even killed. What is Nigeria becoming? 

Recently, in February, 42 people were kidnapped from a boarding school in Niger state. Similarly, on March 14th, some Gunmen stormed a primary school in Kaduna and seized three teachers. These cases of kidnaps are becoming ridiculously insane and concerning. Again, a lot of Nigerians are living in fear, especially the northerners.  

Now, there are a ton of questions the Nigerian government have yet to answer. Is there a plan in place to fight terrorism? Is there a plan in place as well to get rescue the abducted people? How do they intend to combat all these issues? What is the plan? We need answers. These people adducted have families, and their families need answers too.

We need a country that works and can fight for its citizens. We can’t continue to live in fear, the government needs to sit up, and I hope they do soon before we lose our country to terrorist groups and violence.

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