In fear and trembling

According to Brian Germain, Brave people are simply regular people who are not afraid of being afraid.

Fear is a strong factor of failure, because it diminishes your potentiality and your ability to succeed. we all have that thing that triggers fear within us and accepting this fact is what allows us to move forward despite the emotional component to our reality.

What are the causes of fear? How does it generate?  We all are from different backgrounds, and that makes our perspectives different. When we talk about fear it differs as well according to our personality and experience.  This is because each one of us have our various weaknesses, and these weaknesses of ours turn out to be fears.

Some obvious causes of fears, are uncertainty, lack of faith, lack of assurance, pain, unrecognizable event, lack of focus or purpose, and many more. Fear also respond to danger especially when we recall fearful images.

Picture this, it is dark and you are home alone. Your house is quiet and this isn’t usual.  It is just you and your television (TV). However, you start hearing weird noises, like from the forest birds, and forest dogs crying.

Then you mute your TV and the noise stops. You stand up to check if everything is alright, and everything seems good. At this point, you come back to your sitting room and resume the TV.


And immediately your TV resumes, the noise  begins again, this time even faster. Then suddenly, a glass breaks in the kitchen and the power goes off. Your heart start pounding so fast, remember you are home alone.

In the midst of these, a car drives into garage and it is your mom, then the light comes on. She walks in, calls your name and ask you if you have seen her phone.

You are covered with so much fear that you run to her to explain the weird noises you heard minutes before she walked in.

Then she says, “oh dear, that must have been my phone, your dad had changed my ringtone last night.”

She further says, “you know there was a general power outage, right! hope you didn’t break anything?” At this point you remember that you also  heard the sound of a broken glass before the power went off.

So, you respond to her saying “I think I heard something break but I am not sure. It is certainly not me”

Your mom looks at you, shakes her head and walks to the kitchen and nothing is broken. Immediately her phone rings again, then you discover that all the sounds including the broken glass was all a ringtone. What would you do? How would you react to this? What is going through your mind?

Basically, we have those little things within us that causes fear, and letting this take advantage of us, diminishes our persona. Nevertheless, it is important you know that only you can identify that weakness of yours that triggers fear within you.

learning to overcome fear is a great achievement. First, we all must be aware that it doesn’t help us build our personality and in most cases, prevent us from achieving our goals.

Secondly, identify what exactly you are afraid of. Scan through and look at the areas it might have deeply affected you. Then, you must embrace and take control of your mind, your head, your thought, and your actions. Focus on positivity and do not seek for perfection. Prepare your mind for the good and the bad. Take every moment as it comes with ease, not forgetting your goals. Stay firm, and aspire for better.

These are the steps I am constantly using especially when I face issues of fear. This isn’t going to be easy, but I never give up. We all have those different areas of our lives that triggers fear in us. However, overcoming fear would only make life even better. Imagine a life with no fear.

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