Importance of Prayer

Hello, my fantastic reader! I hope you are doing great? How has your week been? Real life has been kicking in for me, but  I know I got this.

Today, I will be emphasizing the importance of prayer. What is prayer? I define prayer as a communication process that allows us to talk to God! It is talking to God! It is our direct line to God.

In achieving success, we have acknowledged the fact that perseverance, self-discipline, consistency, hard work, dedication, focus and positive energy are essential. We have also identified the fact that the fulfillment of your plans largely will depend on the steps you will take from now on. One of those steps is prayer.

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of building our motivation with God, irrespective of our different religions. In building your motivation with God, prayer should not be underestimated. As a Christian, I have come to understand we ought to be fervent in prayer if we desire to be successful in life. In as much as we put in so much effort and hard work, we need to make God the foundation of it all, and prayer which is our essential tool for connecting with God is Vital.

A man of God once said that where we are today is a result of prayers we prayed or didn’t pray yesterday, and where we will be tomorrow will be a result of prayers we will pray or not pray today. Take it or leave it, this is the truth.

In achieving our set goals we must understand and face the fact that there will be obstacles and hindrances, but with consistency, perseverance and most importantly with prayer we can overcome. Prayers give us strength and courage to face our life problem. Problems which cannot be solved otherwise can find an easy solution in prayer.

I know some of us might not necessarily agree with this, but your victory and success in life is a result of not only your hard work but the strength of your prayer. It is our connecting device to him. It keeps us on the right part. It is a powerful weapon.

Kindly share your thoughts and opinions. Have a blessed weekend.


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