Having a positive mindset.

Hello, my fantastic reader! How have you been! What has your week been like? Mine has been fabulous, I must say, this week went by so fast. As we all know, father’s day is this Sunday, so please don’t forget to wish your father, or a father figure in your life a happy Father’s day.

Okay! Today I will like to address the importance of having a positive mindset.  First, what is a positive mindset? I will define it as having a positive expectation or having faith knowing that all will be well and things will turn out well in time.

How we approach, our work is substantially dependent on our mindset. If we are surrounded with positivity or positive energy, it is effortless, but If we’re stressed or unhappy, or surrounded with negativity, everything feels exhausting. The beauty of having a positive mindset is that it gives you courage and teaches hopefulness which in turn encourages persistence.

Over the years, I have been able to work on my mindset positively. In as much as I try not to blur out the fact of reality, I also try to make sure I keep a positive mindset. First, I try to learn more on the “power of positive thinking.” I know this is quite a popular concept and might even feel like a cliché container concept to some, but the truth is, positive thinking goes a long way in helping you acquire positive growth. Positive thinking enforces more confidence, and I must say it is a real mood improver.

Secondly, positive affirmation. In a previous blog post, I share its importance and how much it has helped me become a better person. Words like “I can do it,” “I am smart,” “I am talented.” One of my favourites is “ I am an open channel for exceptional positive creativity.” While practicing positive words like this, you have to believe in yourself, trust me; It makes a big difference. Stop negative self-talk and turn it into positive self-talk.

Most importantly, Gather favourable and positive companions. I can’t stress on this enough. It is essential for your sanity. I will leave you today with a quote from Wade Boggs, “a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results.”

Kindly share your thoughts, let me know what you think. Have a blessed weekend.

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