Importance of building self- confidence

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Hello, my dear reader! I am deeply sorry I wasn’t able to write a blog post last week. I am currently at the peak of the semester, and the workload has been so much on my end. Once again, I am very sorry, and I will try to put more effort to make sure I can post an article every week.

However, this week I will be addressing the importance of building self- confidence which is an essentiality to acquiring success. Though, your experiences, education, skills, and talents will take you far in life. They’ll help you build an impressive résumé and open doors to opportunities but confidence is one quality that will get you even further and help you capitalize on whatever life presents you. In most cases, confidence tends to work hand-in-hand with ‘faith’ and ‘believing in yourself.’

Confidence is believing in your ability or in other words, it is a feeling of self -assurance from one’s acknowledgment of his or her skills or qualities. It is acknowledging what you’re good at, the value you provide and acting in a way that conveys that to others. It is the complete opposite of low self-esteem which consists in assuming you’re less valuable than you think. It isn’t arrogance which typically involves believing you are better in a particular area than you are, or in most cases, believing you are better than others. Confidence positively boosts your ambition and encourages you to set stretch goals.

Some people are born with it, some have to work for it, and others do not know how to obtain it. whether one has or does not, anyone can always be accomplished over time. Most of us have lacked confidence in some areas of lives, it’s okay, we are human, and we are not perfect. I must stress, Confidence is far from ‘cockiness’ or over self-assertiveness.

I have struggled couple times with having confidence in most essential aspects of my life, and I had to work on myself to defeat the feeling. First, I acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses.  Then, I try to positively visualize what I want for myself based on my abilities and qualities. I also try to manage my mind, in achieving this I learn to pick up and defeat the negative self-talk which tends to destroy my confidence which I have been able to attain through practicing positive affirmation. Most importantly, I make sure all of these reflect in my endeavors.

Self-confidence is about balance. At one end, we have people with low confidence. At the other end, we have people who may be over-confident. Getting it right is vital.  Kindly share your thoughts and opinions on this, as I am looking forward to them.

3 thoughts on “Importance of building self- confidence”

  1. I also sometimes lack self-confident in some areas but generally speaking, whenever I’m confident about anything I want to do, it spurs me on. Self-confidence shouldn’t be confused with haughtiness and snobbery, that’s when it becomes unhealthy. In the process of being self-confident, we consciously or unconsciously affect others’ lives positively. But we should not be ignorant of the fact that people get intimidated by the self-confidence of others which is no fault of anyone. But anyways, when deep within we know we are healthily self-confident it positively spreads or it may not but it’s important to be self-confident for motivation and direction and it’ll help us utilize fully our God-given abilities.

  2. Dear Mandy I’m always looking forward to your post coz u inspire me a lot..I pray ur studies goes well..brillaiant work..but there’s a part I don’t agree with.i don’t think the opposite of self confidence is low self esteem..self-esteem and self-confidence seem like pretty much the same thing, but they’re not. For example, maybe you can easily get in front of a crowd, give a speech, and command a room, which shows self-confidence, but at the same time, you feel like crap about your own public speaking, which is a lack of self-esteem.just my view u much?..I hope my smiley shows ..keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for sharing your view and opinion. Yes, I get your point, and if I am not missing your point, you are practically addressing the fact that with low self-esteem an individual tends to feel so poorly about him or herself which is true. However, in most cases, a person with low self-esteem feels unworthy, incapable, and incompetent which is the reason why I have addressed low self-esteem as the complete opposite of being confident. Nonetheless, when we treat the topic Low self- esteem, from your point of view then can talk about self-esteem regarding self-worth. Hope you get my point. Let me know what you think.

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