‘I’m thankful to God for everything’

Posted On By Mandy

Hello guys, I woke up this morning feeling grateful and excited. First, being counted amongst the living today healthy and sound is more than a testimony. Also because the past few days have been blissful with God’s goodness upon my life. He made ways for me on different occasion this week when it seemed like there was no way. Most exciting, in a few days, I will be graduating from the University. Isn’t God just amazing! He is my constant provider and way maker. Trust me! it hasn’t been all rosy but His grace his the reason I am strong and pushing.

On a few occasions this week, I sat down to count my blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that I have received and have been blessed with by God. I remember, a few weeks ago I had an in-depth conversation with my friend explaining how I wasn’t super excited about my forthcoming graduation. Well, he made me understand and appreciate the milestone I have gotten to.

Honestly, I failed to realize that there are people out there looking for the opportunities I have been blessed with. As we spoke, I remembered how many people that started my program with me and couldn’t finish due to different challenges. Some even lost there lives during cause of the program. These also have shifted my focus from what my life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Understanding this, I will like to call myself a living testimony. I am more than grateful to God for everything.

Honestly, if you can compare your life to that of so many people in the world today, it is worth appreciating God. Let’s take the opportunity to express our heartfelt and deep-felt gratitude to God for the things he has done even if they seem little.

Thanks for reading, and please don’t forget to share. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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