Identity- an image of yourself

I recently got an email from an amazing subscriber and reader of my blog who requested I write something on “self-identity,” and I will be doing just that today.  Before I go on, I want to sincerely apologize as I wasn’t able to publish an article last week. I received all your beautiful emails, and I tried my best to reply to everyone. Trust me guys it means a lot to me. I am happy my team is growing, God bless you all.

Back on track! What is self-identity? Identity defines what makes a person unique and distinguished from others. It is the concept of what makes us who we are,  what causes our actions, what we stand for, and why we stand for those beliefs.  In other words, it is a combination of things that we do; it’s your talents, it’s your strengths, it’s your passions, it’s what you love, it’s what you care about.

Identity is a very strong aspect of my life I try to pay attention to. I have grown to understand that many factors contribute to shaping our identities. It could be shaped by gender, culture, interests, attitudes, beliefs, hobbies, friends or through content from the media. It could also be your life experiences, from the people you have come in contact with. Family, birth order, ethnicity, religious preferences, and even through society. There are so many factors that affect a person’s identity; you can name them.

One’s identity is much more than social security numbers, bank account and insurance card details. It is your values, your dignity and your integrity. In other words, it identifies with our self-worth and influences the choices we make and the decisions we take. Well, a lot of us might not necessarily pay attention to our identity, but identity is as important as character. Hence having a positive and attracting Identity is vital.

Please keep in mind that who you are is your Self Identity, A clear sense of “who you are” determine your interactions with people and your approach to situations.  Understanding this, I would like you to examine yourself, and focus more on building a positive identity.

Please share your thought and Opinions if you have any. Have a lovely weekend!!!

6 thoughts on “Identity- an image of yourself”

  1. I also think even most of our weaknesses make up our Identities. Like me, I’ve really been introspective for a number of years and I realized that one, if not the only weakness I have is Human beings. It’s like carrying the whole world on one’s head. I get frustrated but then I’ve embraced it. It’s stressful but become to understand the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what of it all’. So yea, our identities should be what we cherish, while working every day towards becoming better people.

      1. I’ve come to realize that apart from the normal things that make people happy, I rely too much on making other people happy in order to be content or derive my own happiness which can be very exasperating. It’s very extreme. I pick up people’s problems in a way that I may never pick up mine. Hope it doesn’t sound vague.

        1. This weaknesss doesn’t help build a strong positive identity. You have to learn to find happiness with yourself, and this start by understanding your worth and value as lady. People shouldn’t define your happiness, rather let your identity attract people.

  2. Yea, it gets toxic at times which is the part I’m trying to extricate myself from.
    Thank you so much. You’ve been of extreme help to me.

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