Identifying the fear of the unknown

Is there such a thing like the fear of the unknown? Do you even think it exists? Well, It does exist. By the way, how are you doing? How has your week been?

William James, an American Philosopher, once said, “in the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing, but somehow we cannot start.” A lot of us are scared to take actions, a lot of us a scared to make decisions, a lot of us are afraid to confront our truth, but the question is what exactly are we afraid of? Let us talk about the Unknown.

I will define the unknown as an unfamiliar hindrance to positive growth.  It could be uncertainty or doubts; it could be the place that has confined you to a mediocre existence. It could even be the place of growth we are scared to get in to. The unknown could be more than just these. In most cases it could be our values, it could be what defines us. Hence, the unknown could be you. We could be scared of ourselves.

I know it doesn’t sound right, but some people haven’t found themselves. Some people are not sure of their identity. Some feel confused about who they are, and this tends to interfere with the decisions they make.

In my case, the unknown was ‘uncertainty.’ I used to be uncertain of everything. In fact, mine got to the point that a new beginning became a normal reaction to uncertainty. This was an issue for me until I identified it and worked towards overcoming it.

Think critically, what could you be scared of? You May be held back by the fear of the unknown. Let me tell you something, do not be afraid to take action into the unknown. It is time to identify what the unknown could be in your life. Challenge yourself to overcome it. You must step forward into the darkness and illuminate with light, it is a necessity for positive growth in every ramification of your life.  So think about it.

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