How to deal with people who think they know it all

We have all come across people who think they know everything. Well, should I say they guess they know it all? Sometime they could be intimidating to deal with, which is what makes it challenging to communicate with them. I feel they are one of the most annoying people to ever come across or get close to. I know because I have had to deal with a couple of them over the years, and I still do. 

Sometimes you feel choked by them, and their advice. My mother calls people like this “I too know.” Some might mean well, and some, it’s just really about their ego. It’s even harder to deal with people who are being supportive with their “I know everything” kind of attitude. First of all, it is a contrast because you know they do what they do for a definite cause, but dealing with them can be unbearable. However, it’s even worse for those who do this “I know it all” thing for their ego. The sad part of everything is, they don’t listen because, as I said, they think they know it all. They want everything their way, and when it doesn’t, it’s a whole different story. Some even get defensive, but why though? 

I must say, they are a handful, especially when they are so convinced that their position is right. 

I have lost ‘my cool’ a couple of times because of these kinds of people. Have you? It baffles me how these people act as though they know you better than you know yourself. Can you imagine? Well, what can you do, that is how they are. But what can we do to avoid getting heated with them, because like we established they could be very annoying. 

Anyways, I have learned a couple of techniques I believe has helped. Please keep in mind that I still deal with a couple of them and I am still learning from my experiences. First, if you are a little more sensitive, I will advise you politely clear the air and pay ‘less mind’ to their advice.  I try to stay away from them because as much as I want the critic, I also need some love, and I wouldn’t get as a lot of that from them. Also, I try to shrug off what they say sometimes rather than confront them because confronting them can be a waste of my precious time.  I have had a couple of confrontational moments with these kinds of people and the result wasn’t worth it, so I will advise that you try the ‘shrug off’ technique.

Another thing you could do is learn to walk away from them or blank out. I try to remove myself from the conversation most likely when I’m beginning to get irritated by them or when they are a bit exasperating. Honestly, it’s best you walk away than feed into the conversation and challenge them particularly when they become hostile in defence of the point they are trying to make. I learnt this technique from a friend, and it has been of great help. 

It’s not easy to deal with people like this but there is nothing we can do. These kinds of people exist and we get to meet and interact with them a lot.   

So far, these are the best techniques I know, and you could use them. If you have any method you wish to share, please feel free. Nonetheless, I will advise that you try to achieve what you want from conversations with people like this, and if there isn’t anything, move on and keep your sanity. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on today’s topic. I look forward to reading them. Stay blessed. 

2 thoughts on “How to deal with people who think they know it all”

  1. I currently have a friend that does this and it’s hellishly exasperating. At first, I tried arguing, then I tried ignoring. It felt like it worked sometimes, but then I realized that every time I tried to ignore her or argue with her, I ended up resenting a little bit more. I didn’t want to have that kind of friendship. So one day, in the midst of one of her ITK (I too know) spells, I just stopped her and cleared the air with her. I felt a whole lot better and it felt right too.
    I also try to be accomodating when sharing information so as not to come out as an ITK.

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