Hitch one’s wagon to a star

Everyone faces challenges and obstacles in their life. It is part of the process of life that we must go through. And as much as we would prefer that things don’t feel or get chaotic; the reality is, it will.

But challenges and obstacles are no excuse to give in or give up. Some people think their current circumstances give them cause to let go of their dreams or in most case, they claim its stops them from moving forward. No! You don’t have that luxury. If you are hungry for success, hungry for a certain way of life, hungry for whatever it is you desire, you don’t get to make excuses for not moving forward or not continuing in that path.

Sometimes when faced with insurmountable challenges, people give in and give up at the precise moment when things are about to change, when success or accomplishment is right there waiting for them to press past the obstacle. You should be willing to press with all the determination and faith you have inside you.

In fact, there are many times I have had to push past my feelings, press past my own situations to continue to walk in my purpose, in my own personal greatness. I must speak to my life with authority and power that I am greater than my circumstances. I am greater than my struggles.

Why? Because I know who I am and I’m determined to not only succeed but to be a change agent in the lives of others. I’m determined to demonstrate to others that no matter where you came from, no matter where you’ve been or where you are today, you can walk in your greatness.

So, I ask you again: How hungry are you for the things you desire? What is your level of determination?

Stop thinking it is impossible. If you truly want to succeed in any endeavor, you must be hungry for that goal. How hungry are you for the things you want in your life? Determination fuels your motivation and will keep you moving forward.

Perhaps you have a dream you’ve worked long and hard to achieve, but it still seems out of reach. Maybe you’re going through a difficult time looking for a job, or you’re working but just getting by, and burdened with debt.

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a divorce, suffering the loss of a loved one, or facing an illness.

Whatever adversities we face, there are days – perhaps weeks and months – when we want to pull the covers over our heads and stop trying. Some of us give up altogether, yet others manage to persevere. What’s the difference between those who quit, and those who just won’t?

many people’s enthusiasm and commitment to their goals comes in waves.

So how do you stay motivated and stick to those healthy and productive behaviors when you’re on a roll? By making them a habit!  Your Success Reminders will help you form better habits and stay on track to reaching any goal!

Determination is a skill that can be learned! It requires setting goals and being willing to work hard, but it can be done. Practice your confidence, and flexible thinking, and learn to treat failures and obstacles as learning possibilities.




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