Has the idea of feminism affected or impacted our society?

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I believe the topic of today’s post has done justice introducing this piece.

Now, what exactly is feminism? Very simple! Feminism is about having equal rights and opportunities amongst all gender. However, have you ever considered that cultures, traditions, societal stereotypes might have influenced why some people do not agree with the whole idea of feminism in one way or the other?

We are living in an era where feminism has become a topic in our society. Even more, a lot of women are identifying themselves as feminists. Writers like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bell Hooks, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and many more have taken it upon themselves to publish books that educate the society on feminism.

The idea of feminism has affected how the law deals with domestic life, and even how corporations and public institutions operate. Like all revolutions, feminism is a war on its own seeking to create change. It has altered a lot of our means of expression, from the tone of public media to the style of private speech. It has even affected how women are viewed and addressed in our modern society, and the corporate world—giving room for women to earn the same as men in the same positions. It is indeed changing the dynamic of things in the world. Think of it; in the past, most married women adopted the name of their husbands and worked only if their husbands allowed it. In today’s world, it is a lot different. Feminism has given women a voice of power. I will like to believe that feminism did help address some of the stigma surrounding sexual assault. I think it has given victims their voice of defence.

Notwithstanding, some say a lot of these feminists aren’t exactly fighting for what feminism stands for? could this be true? If so How?

Sometimes, I hear people say women are fighting against how the world should be, How exactly should it be? What is the problem? Do you think feminism has affected or impacted our society? Why do people disagree with the idea of feminism? What are your thoughts?

A lot of these questions seem rhetorical in today’s world. Why not share your thoughts and opinions, let’s talk about it.

3 thoughts on “Has the idea of feminism affected or impacted our society?”

  1. In my opinion, feminism seeks to address inequality regarding women, which is a revolutionary process. But as with any other movement, there will be opposition, resistance and even people within the movement that do not understand the purpose of it. But most people are stiff-necked – the more you try to enlighten them, the deeper they dig their heels in.
    And others have been way too used to a particular system and take feminism as a “disruption”, which makes them scared, so they oppose it.
    Others still are all too eager to take out of context, deliberately and intentionally misjudge and misquote feminists.
    But I’ll say this, feminism is a revolution that has been long coming. The world needs it, because it has exposed the biases of both men to women and even women to other women.
    The idea of feminism and the process has positively affected the world, but the unclear understanding of feminism by others have negatively affected the way feminism is perceived.
    So, more awareness, enlightenment and education about the concept is key.
    PS: Men can be feminists too

  2. I understand the idea of feminism but even women are not equal amongst themselves. A black woman and caucasian woman are not the same type of feminists as they do not deal with the exact same things. A black woman is statistically paid less than her white counterpart for the same job. I feel the society we live in tries to solve bigger issued without acknowledging the more deep-rooted ones.

    Also, men and women are not equal, I do not believe we will ever be. If we were meant to be God would have made us the same. Do I believe we should be paid the same for the same job; absolutely. Should we have the same respect and feel safe, of course. But also do women take time off for children, yes. Women have not been in the “workforce” as long as men because of their more domesticated position. I believe society still sees women as the glue for a running household, but they need to realize women can do a lot, we are natural multi-taskers. A woman can have a successful career and run her house if she chooses to do so. I believe society is beginning to see that as well.

    Think of it this way. The abolishment of slavery still has black people dealing with social injustice and it has been 155 years. The majority of women have been in the workforce since the 1930s. I believe, we still have a ways to go, but we are on the right track.

    Great article.

  3. In my opinion a lot of women have misunderstood feminism, they see it as a means of control.
    furthermore , some women think to be a Feminist, you must be rude , a loudmouth & instill some sort of fear in men which isn’t right.
    Feminism means equality ,its that simple, so for you to be a feminist you must believe that both gender, male or female are equal.
    If your married as a wife respecting or submitting to your husband doesn’t make you less of a woman, and as a husband the same thing applies, respect & submit to your wife.

    The problem with feminism in today’s society is that people
    have different understanding of what it means ,misinformation is ruining feminism, so if it can be stopped, a lot of people will understand the true meaning of feminism & embrace it.
    Now, I know a lot of men are still yet to fathom the idea of feminism, but I believe in time they will.

    Lovely article mandy.

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