Happy Valentine’s day!

I hope you have something planned for today, whether you have a partner or not.

While some of us are expecting a romantic day filled with expensive gifts and elaborate gestures, some people see this special day as nothing but a commercial nightmare. Even more, there are a couple of people in the world that are totally against the idea of spending money on valentine’s day. Nevertheless, regardless of what Valentine’s day means to you, you can make it meaningful.

Why not take advantage of today to show love to your friends, family, neighbours or perhaps even a stranger you see every day on your way to work. Maybe a gift, a card, an appreciation text message, a note of encouragement or prayer could brighten someone’s day, you never know. You could put a smile on somebody’s face today with minimal effort but a big-hearted gesture.

Also, take time out today to show yourself some love. If you are single at this time of the year, it is easy to notice the lack of a partner when everyone else around you seems to be in a relationship or loved up on Valentine’s day in some way or another. However, who wants to be like everyone else? Treat yourself to a spa, maybe to a good dinner. Buy yourself a gift, show yourself some love. It doesn’t have to be expensive or anything major it could be as simple as going out to enjoy a coffee at your favourite cafe or buying yourself your ideal wristwatch, dress, shoe, anything that makes you happy. Enjoy your day and love yourself, and hey, it doesn’t have to be just on Valentine’s day! I hope you have a funfilled day.

Feel free to share your plans for today or perhaps how your day went. Don’t forget to show love to others, and enjoy your day to the fullest. Avoid negativity and stay happy.

Happy Valentine’s day guys!

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