Grateful for Another Year!

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I turn a year older in three days, and I feel so blessed. Notwithstanding, I must say the past year was challenging.
I gained Two significant lessons from last year. First, it taught me that endings are new beginnings in disguise. Secondly, that I have the power to turn a mess into a testimony. In other words, I learned and unlearned last year.

Even more, I must confess the year felt like a roller coaster. I felt pain, anger, joy, peace and happiness. It was as though I was going through different phases of life in such a short time, but I am so grateful to God because, for every challenge I faced, He blessed me in double.

Hence, I will like to use this medium to express my profound gratitude to God for all he has done. I am grateful for life, for my family, good friends, loved ones, my job, excellent connections and unique opportunities. I am thankful for the tough times that made me stronger and the bad times that made me fight harder. I am grateful for good health, happiness and peace of mind.

Most importantly, I thank God for taking away my darkness and giving me His light, bearing my burdens, pains and shames. These gifts are worth more than all the money and treasures of the world, and I do not take them for granted. I am genuinely thankful for everything.

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