How do you want to be treated in a relationship?

I was opportune to have recently interviewed an amazing friend of mine who had just broken up with her significant other. Love they say could bring amazing sparkle and at the same time cause pain and tears.

The early stage of love could be amazing, but as time goes on, when the true-self evolves it could be different. My friend expressed her fears of falling in love because she feared ‘falling deeply in love’.  she claims, “love can make you and break you”. This is fact.  

Eventually she fell deeply in love, then she started doing things that she never expected and planned to do. She saw herself go through things she would not normally take in the name of love
. he started making sacrifices and giving more than she ever thought she would.

She believes she became a wife material, as that was what she thought would help preserved and groom her relationship, and would have maybe make him love her even more.  Did she make a mistake?

As time went by, she started noticing that her effort was becoming her weak point. Moreso, she had noticed that the effort was not also reciprocating.

At this point she had fallen deeply in love with him. Did she make a wrong choice by giving her heart solely to another? what would you do if you were in her shoes? How would you feel? How would you handle this?

Her suppose lover had described her personality to be a mother figure which he admired, nevertheless she didn’t feel appreciated and treated as a queen she sees herself to be. She further expresses that she had to be perfect, she had to be loyal, kind, mature, and practically do all that he seemed right.

Nevertheless, her concerns really didn’t mean a lot to him. Do you think he is a selfish person?  Do you think his attitude towards the relationship can simply be categorize as just flaws?

The fact is no relationship is perfect, they look beautiful outside, but sometimes ugly inside.

In most cases, we tend to give more than our partner in a relationship, we try to make things work even when things seem crashed.

Do you think when you fully commit at the beginning of a relationship affect the way you are being treated by your significant other? Do you think both parties are meant to sacrifice equally in a relationship? Or, do you think these are simply human flaws?

Personally, I believe that when it comes to a relationship the individuals involved are responsible for each other. You are meant to acknowledge your partner’s concerns as yours, their pains as yours, their success as yours because you both are in it together.

Love isn’t meant to be a one-sided thing, we are not meant to fight and beg for love from the one who claims to love us. Love should be done out of free will.

It hurt when you give a lot more than your partner in relationship. It hurt when the one you call your lover finds it hard to show you the affection you deserve and desire.

Take from the popular saying “do unto another, what you want another to do unto you”. If you think deserve to be treated right, then treat your partner right.  Fact, you get as much as you give



2 thoughts on “Finding balance in a relationship

  1. What if you don’t meet your partner’s requirements (Achievements) and you both are in same relationship and she just don’t know how to let you know..?
    Cos even after being treated right, some people still leave..

    1. I am not exactly sure what you are asking, but then in every relationship ‘communication’ remains a KEY factor to success and growth. This I have learnt over the course of time. Personnaly, I would address requirement and achievement as two different things.
      Requirements to me are the compulsory conditions that are meant to be met, while achievements are your personally accomplishments so far.
      Can you kindly rephrase your question please, so that I understand you point of view.

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