Feeling blessed, amid the storm!

This week was exhausting for me on so many levels. At some point, I questioned so many things. So brief background story, I’m currently moving to another city, and honestly, the whole process on its own has taken a toll on me, but that’s a story for another day. The week started so insanely with me moving stuff to the new city while it was snowing. I do not recommend it. Then, most of my stuff decided to get faulty, and to top it all, my car decided to join the league of problems. It was exhausting!

Amid all of these, work got stressful, and this is me, still stuck with packing all my things. I felt like I was crawling from one mishap to the other. I spent money on a ton of things I did not include in my November budget, lol!. At some point, I wish this week was a dream because it drained so much of me. Then I realized a lot happened because I needed to make changes to so many things I was holding back on, for example, my car. I was due for a change, so I got it!

I also realized that the other faulty things were attached to some memories I needed to discard and stop hoarding. It all slowly started making so much sense to me. I know this might come off weird, but this feels like the beginning of something new, and I am happy I am going through it because it’s coming with a sense of peace and newness.

I spoke to some friends about it, and it feels like I’m not in this alone. If this week was slightly stressful for you, did it put you to realize something new?

2 thoughts on “Feeling blessed, amid the storm!”

  1. I believe the whole pandemic has put 2020 in a truly self-reflective mood. A lot of people have formed new passions, relationships, and more. While others have lost. This is truly a time no one planned for which I believe has some people in a bit of a “funk”. But also a time of true self-reflection and reevaluation of one’s time. What are we spending our time thinking about or doing and does it align with the true purpose and goals of our lives?

    Great Post.

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