Feel the Glow- be happy

Happiness relates to how you feel, but it is more than just a passing mood. We are emotional beings and experience a wide range of feelings on a daily basis.

But then Happiness could mean anything to anyone.  For one person, it might be a making a delicious healthy meal for their family, for another it could be a soft, sweet kiss from a smiling grandchild or from a love one.

Does happiness matter? Does it really mean anything to you? how would you define happiness?

I think it is a hard feeling to express, but then in a nutshell I would define happiness to be a state of completeness accompanied with peace of mind and joy. In essence, it is a state of contentment.

However, like I said earlier happiness can simply mean anything to anyone which is one of the reason I can’t seem to generalize the feeling.

A friend of mine would say, happiness is a warm puppy, and I really don’t know what that means because she never gives a clear definition to it.

However, many people believe that happiness is having fun or the excitement of new experience accompanies with thrills and passion, while some might see these to be mere pleasure because their definition to happiness differs.

Nevertheless, for me, happiness comes when I feel satisfied, fulfilled and blessed. Like I will always say, it is a feeling of contentment.

My mom always say that my definition to happiness is hard to achieve, but then I think it is achievable. The joy of waking up to see yet another wonderful day is enough reason for me to be happy.

Moreso, finding my peace of mind even when things look like they are all shaky, bring happiness for me. I know some might not agree with this, but it’s the truth.

Well, over the course of time I have learnt to be happy in my own skin, contented with all that I have, and with positive hope that tomorrow is brighter than today.

I sincerely don’t think I need someone to help me develop happiness when I have every reason to be happy. Well, let’s face reality we really don’t need someone to help us find happiness, please.

I have also learnt that jealousy can be a bad route to finding happiness because it brings dissatisfaction from every angle of life.

Happiness is a choice, it is an attitude of mind which only you as an individual will have to develop within yourself. It is a state of mind.

It is important to note that that gratitude is a major key to happiness. Remain thankful and grateful for everything no matter how good or bad life throws balls at your face.

These I have grown to understand by myself, based on my life and daily experiences, and I have come to that point where I believe there is nothing worth taking happiness away from me.

How about you?




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