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Hello! My amazing and fantastic reader! How are you! How has your week been so far! Well, mine has been so busy, but I scaled through it. I thank God it is Friday.

Anyway, today I will like to address a topic I have kind of discussed in a previous article, and it is Fear. I said, and I still believe that fear is one of man’s worst enemy. In an earlier post, I discussed steps through which I learned to overcome it. Nevertheless, one of the things I have indeed not addressed is the fact that sometimes we need to face our fears to overcome it.

Fear is a very unpleasant feeling caused by the belief that someone or something dangerous could very likely cause pain, threat, disaster, name it. Fear is one perilous emotion that limits our abilities, potential, energy level, our positive vibes and causes nothing but negativity, uncertainty and distraction from whatever our set goal might be. I am quite sure this is nothing new to most of us. However, have we considered the fact that most of us are wallowing and drowning in it? Most of us have loosed focus in life because of fear. Most of us are slowly killing our dreams and visions because of it. I use to be scared of taking chances because I was afraid of the unknown and I believe some people are gradually losing themselves to it. Most of us might have suffered ourselves to it already.

One thing I have grown to realize is that until we face our fears, we cannot overcome it. This is my opinion, and this is how I see it. I see it as another hindrance, barrier and huddle to my victory, hence, I don’t make it a reason to lose hope. Now, this is where facing your fears is relevant. It comes in very critical moments and times, but our ability to know that it can’t hold us back proves our ability to face it. Are you with me?

Don’t let it overshadow your purpose, your goals, your dreams, your tomorrow. Face it like a warrior. Experience everything it has to offer, it might burn you, but it won’t kill you. Therefore, it can’t destroy your dreams and visions. See it as that stumbling block you have to push aside to get to your point of victory. Attack it like a hero that you are and achieve your dreams. Trust me I am talking from experience. I believe tomorrow is too bright to get scared of what my fears might cause, and with this knowledge, I try as much as possible to face it every time it comes.

I believe someone needs to hear this, and it might be you. Let me know what you think. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I strongly agree with you that we need to face our fears inorder to overcome it ……. This is a very nice article….

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