Establishing a solid bond with God

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I have seen my life transform and elevate over the past few years, and I can only be grateful for how far I have come. Indeed, a lot of things changed in my life because of my relationship with God. Let me put this out there, developing a solid bond with God has helped me through many phases of my life. Like when things weren’t working out, in times when everything kept failing, and even times when I thought I was enclosed with nothing but negativity.

At some point, I started staying away from people to heal, but it didn’t change anything. Instead, I made mistakes that have become nothing but lessons for my present and future. Notwithstanding, when I re-established my relationship with God and got closer to him, he fixed things for me. In some cases, He deliberately made me go through specific situations that I can only be grateful for. At the time, they felt tough, I even question life for myself. Now, those situations have made me a better person.

At this point in my life, I have come to realize that there is no better option than to have and keep God at the centre of everything both in the good and bad times. Until you develop a close relationship with God, you probably wouldn’t be able to understand. Let me tell you a few things about God. He is a protector, a provider, a waymaker, a healer, a teacher, a father, a friend, our guardian, our sufficient help in time of need and much more. This should explain it all.

Anyway, the hardest part of this relationship is allowing him to order your steps according to his word. There is a famous saying that goes, ‘Man proposes, and God disposes.’ Sometimes our goals and visions may not be aligned with God’s purpose for us, and sometimes we become too ambitious that we forget to work with God’s will for us. If you don’t know, God’s will is, and will undoubtedly come with peace of mind. He has promised in His Word that he will guide and direct our part Hence, you need him in charge at all times, because he knows what is best for us.

On two occasions this year, I tried achieving two goals, but I wasn’t patient on him and didn’t wait for his will. I was ignorantly stubborn and failed through it all. Thinking about it now, I should have saved myself the stress of failing and waited till it was right. The best advice I have given to myself is to listen to God and allow Him to guide me, and everything will work out for good.

I am not here to preach but to encourage you. I am still a work in progress, and a lot of us are. However, we must build a good relationship with God because when we do, things will fall in place for our good. It might take a while, but his delay is not denial. Have yourself a fantastic weekend!

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