End Police Brutality in Nigeria #EndSARS

For over two weeks now, Nigerians have been protesting against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS), a Nigerian police unit. The Government had created this unit in 1992 to investigate, detain and prosecute people involved with armed robbery, Hijacking, Kidnapping or any crime associated with firearms. As many of us already know, the protest focuses on ending police brutality in the country. In other words, This unit of the police is taking innocent lives and wasting bright futures. Even more, protesters are getting arrested, shot and killed for fighting for what’s right. We have recorded over ten death since the protest began by the accused police unit. It proves the level of brutality in the country. What has Nigeria become?

It’s honestly disheartening that the ones we look up to for protection are the ones killing and causing pain to our souls. This has shown how much Nigeria, as a country, the Government and the police force have failed us. Where is hope? The Youth are scared. Who knows, you might be the next victim. We can’t continue to burn in pain. Where is the Government, what are their plans for us?

Irrespective of Tribes, ethnicity and religion, Nigerians have come together seeking an end to police brutality in the country. We are also requesting the Government to release the arrested protesters. We need justice and compensation for victims’ families. There is also a need for an independent body to oversee the prosecution of these officers involved.

Also, Nigerians are pleading with the Government to carry out a psychological evaluation before redeploying these disbanded officers to avoid the current events from repeating itself. Finally, we are asking for an increase in police salaries. These are not too much to ask. Enough is Enough, and I hope the Government is listening. There is a need for urgent action.

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