End bad governance in Nigeria!

For two weeks now, I have dedicated each blog post to share my thoughts and concerns on Nigeria’s existing issues. I honestly can’t help it. This past week has shown how useless the Government is. Imagine COVID-19 palliatives were hidden in warehouses for months instead of being distributed to citizens. It doesn’t make sense; this is the height of greed. Even Worse, Lagos State House of Assembly Majority Leader Sanai Agunbiade, claimed he intended to distribute the COVID-19 Palliatives on his birthday. Can you imagine?

Weeks after the Lekki massacre, the Minister for Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, discovers a hidden camera at the Lekki toll gate. Keep in mind that the toll gate was on fire the night of the massacre, yet he finds a clean camera sitting pretty as evidence or what? The Government does not rate the Nigerian youths at all!

Even more recently, people came to Twitter to accuse Nollywood actor and representative of Surulere Constituency in Lagos, Desmond Elliot, of pushing a bill to regulate social media, which he denied vehemently. Unfortunately, a video was released, proving the accusations. Very disappointing! Like i stated last week, if not for social media, the Lekki massacre and many other disgusting events in Nigeria wouldn’t have received coverages. Yet our leaders are looking for a way to regulate social media so that their evil deeds wouldn’t gain coverage. It is Upsetting!

When will we see a better Nigeria? The current state of the country is very Unpleasant. We can’t relax. We need a country that works for everybody and not just the rich or the people in power. We need a Government that is accountable to its citizens. We need better leaders with incorruptible minds. We need to get rid of these old folks and bring in better leaders who would help change our country for good. We need to put an end to bad governance. We need a better Nigeria!

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