Don’t let COVID-19 distract your vision

I know COVID-19 has had its crazy impact on the world. It has changed the reality of what life used to be, to a new normal —somehow, we are beginning to get the hang of it. Indeed 2020 has been rough!

Amid all that is going on, have you been able to stay productive and motivated? Or, are you letting yourself get overwhelmed by everything? It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed; between the global pandemic keeping many of us at home, streaming videos of police brutality, and several other existing issues, it’s challenging to stay focused. It feels like the world is burning, and yet somehow, we’re all expected to keep sane and even keep everything together. Interesting! Well, it’s the sad truth. Regardless of all that is going on, I would like us to have faith that things will get better. Hence we need to keep pushing.

Don’t let the world’s troubles distract your vision; it might have caused a little setback or change of plans, and yes, it’s okay. Why not pick up from where you left things at and get going. People are making it, despite everything that is going on, and yes, you can too! However, I hope you are aware that you can’t make it by giving up or letting the 2020 drama weigh you down. Stay focused; don’t give up. Like I have always said, and i will still say, this too shall pass. I thought to encourage somebody today.

Make sure you take time off to rest when you need to, stress-less and stay safe. Have a fantastic weekend.

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