Don’t get carried away by what you see online

Social media has become a big part of our society in today’s world. It has become an open space to share information, resources, events, feelings, opinions, and even lifestyles. For example, people will share the stack of pancakes they had for breakfast, the highlights of last night’s party, and even their fun trips or vacation. I bet this isn’t new to you.

Nonetheless, not everything shared online is authentic. A lot is what I attribute as Content. We choose to share what we want to share; we create an image that best suits what we want to portray. I bet this isn’t new to you. Many of us are guilty of this, whether we agree or disagree.

Excitingly, many individuals have been able to grow their media presence. Some have gained fantastic partnerships and endorsements, others have even become brand influencers and ambassadors. Even more, most of these influencers and ambassadors have become role models to their followers.

However, as we established earlier, not all that is shared portrays a genuine and authentic version of who people are. Understanding this, a lot of people have created standards for themselves based on what they see online, and this is a problem. Some people go as far as comparing themselves to these influencers or these social media celebrities they consider role models.

Would you agree that the lifestyles of a lot of these people we look up to on social media platforms do not add up? What exactly do they do outside social media? How are they able to afford all the luxury? Honestly, these are rhetorical questions we can’t answer? On the other hand, a lot of these luxuries could be free. In essence, this is one-way brands get their products to the market — all marketing strategy, which is fine. Like I said earlier, it’s all Content.

Notwithstanding my aim of today’s post is to advise that we don’t get too carried away by the things we see online. A lot of them are basically Content. Let’s try to refrain from comparing ourselves to people based on what we see, else we might lose ourselves trying to be someone else. Be you. Remain authentic.

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