Don’t be discouraged!

Posted On By Mandy

Hello people! How are you all doing! So much is still going on in the world! One moment, I feel the year is going by fast, and another moment I feel like 2020 has just been a marathon. So much has happened, and honestly, this has made me questioned what more could happen? This year has been nothing but misery; it has been crazy, traumatic and mind-blowing.

Amid all that is going on in the world, I will like to encourage someone today. This year might not have been your best year ever. Regardless of what the year has been to you, we owe gratitude to God for the gift of life. It’s not been easy, but we are pulling through it together in faith.

So don’t let the pain you suffered this year pull you down, don’t allow the challenges to weigh you down. Don’t be discouraged; don’t lose hope; don’t lose focus. Take the lessons learned from every mistake you made this year. Work with it! According to George Bernard Shaw, Success does not consist of never making mistakes but never making the same one a second time.

Trust me; things will get better in time! I hope I was able to speak to someone today. Stay safe!

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