Discover your potentials

A lot of us really do not know our potentials, a lot of us do not know the capabilities of our potential.  The truth is as the day goes by, and as we grow we get to realize and discover our different potentials.

What is a potential?  I would define a potential to be the inborn ability and capability that builds you, your personality and your success.  By discovering your potentials, you redefine your destiny as it changes your life positively for the world to see and discover you as a person. It may take a while, but persistence and hard work will pay off one day when it is your time.

Everyone has a potential, it is a seed of greatness.  However, everyone’s potential is different. Nevertheless, collectively we all have the potential needed to create and sustain the world, our world.  Just as I stated earlier, we never stop discovering our potentials and the power of it. It all has to do with realizing who you really are, where you are headed at, and your faith.

To be great you have to discover your potentials, you must be curious about what life has in stock for you. You have to be curious about what you can do to make a positive difference in the world notwithstanding the challenges you face.

Secondly, do not doubt yourself. Never let negative words pull you down. Everyone in life has a right to their own opinion but what really matter is how you see yourself, and where you see yourself.  I try as much as possible not to doubt myself and the power of my potentials. This is because I know that I am good, I am bright and I am blessed beyond measure.

In addition, you must also live positively according to your core value. Link up your dreams to the people you admire and look up to.  Think of what inspire you positively to make a difference. Also identify those negative areas that do not align with your core values and get rid of them.

Once you have developed your core values, then visualize the person you want to be. Reflect on your capabilities and abilities and this is because both make up your potential. You must also have some sense of what potential means to you as an individual.

Examine your strength and skills, what you have and the ones you have to develop. Develop the areas that needs improvement, take advise and corrections, they are the sources of growth.

Be patient. Take your time to discover your potentials. Your ability to discover your potential paves way for better success and growth in your life and to the world.


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