Developing self-discipline.

Achievements, personal success or even goal can be realized with the help of self-discipline. It is one of the most considered factors to success.

According to the oxford dictionary self-discipline is defined as the “ability to control oneself, one’s emotions and desire or the expression of them in one’s behavior especially in difficult situations.”  Self- discipline could also mean developing a mindset whereby you are governed by your deliberate choice rather than your emotions, or bad habits

Nevertheless, I would summarize self-discipline to be the ability to control your impulses, emotions, desires and even behavior.

When an individual possesses self- discipline he or she can make good decisions, take actions, and even execute a goal plan irrespective of the problems, distress or complications that may come his or her way.

Self- discipline doesn’t limit your lifestyle, it doesn’t mean giving up everything that is fun or you enjoy.  All it does is help you as an individual focus your mind and strength on your goals. It also helps you persevere until they are accomplished.

Self-discipline is an important and useful skill everyone should possess. It is essential in every area of life.

Though some must have acknowledged its importance, very few are willing to improve their self-discipline.  As stated earlier, self-discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through without changing your mind.

Life put challenges and problems on the path to success and achievement, and to rise above them you must persevere and remain persistent and this of course requires self-discipline

The possession of this skills helps you develops self-confidence, and self-esteem and even satisfaction and happiness. It is important to keep in mind that lack of self-discipline can lead to failure, loss, problems and many more.

Based on my experience, self-discipline has helped me to avoid acting rashly and on impulse. It has helped me control procrastination and overcome laziness especially when I have to achieve an immediate goal plan.  It has thought me to fulfil promises I make to myself and others.

I thought myself to develop self-discipline because of its importance, and I started with baby steps. This is because no process takes place overnight, the more you train and build it, the stronger you become,  just Like the popularly saying goes “slow and steady wins the race.”

I learnt to find interest in what motivates me and fight against my bad triggers. I began this step by learning more about myself. This is because I had to fight my urges and craving, and this doesn’t necessarily mean food, it could be anything.  I learnt to stay away from them and prevent them from luring me into moments of weakness.  I surrounded myself with very positive and motivational words, slogans and even individuals.

Then, I made effort to act and behave according to the decisions I make, regardless of laziness, tendency to procrastinate, or even the desire to give up.

I established a daily routine and a goal plan strategy which has always guided me to achieve most of my set goals. I also had to practice self-denial. I learnt to say no to some of my feelings, impulses and desires and this has helped me develop the habit of keeping other things under control.

There is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing your goals. Even more, I stay focused as I project the future for myself and visualize my desired outcome.

These are the steps I used to develop myself discipline, and the truth is it isn’t easy but you can do it.

You can strengthen your self-discipline all you need to do is make up your mind and act on improving it.

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