Building your motivation with God

How are you doing my fantastic reader? I am sincerely sorry this blog post is coming so late, but I had unavoidable issues with my website that needed immediate attention. Once again I apologize.

A quick update about the excellent reading week I was looking forward to. It didn’t go as planned. The amazing week was just full of stress, too much work, and school stress, but ‘there is God”.
Nevertheless, Last week I was able to build my motivation with the help of the Bible, which is the word of God. Today’s post is entirely different from what you might be expecting, but I was genuinely inspired by God, my friends, and some of my colleagues to write this blog post. Last week created a re-realization for me that I had to believe in God to believe in myself and my potentials.

The book of Psalms chapter 37 verse 4 to 5 in the holy bible states that we have to trust in God, delight in Him and fulfill His will. Only then can we be able to obtain confidence in our desires and that we can achieve our aspirations with the help of God

Unfortunately, some people today, do not realize that God is real, and that faith is the product of the Word of God. I would like to believe that it is because people have distanced themselves from accepting his existence, power, and love. The bible also states in the Romans 10 verse 17, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” God is already doing, speaking, and seeking to bring His will to pass. If we hear him – then we will have faith — and what God wants will come to pass.

The foundation of our motivation should be with God. From my personal experiences, I must say He is my source of strength, my hope like no other, my present help in time of need, and my motivator. Studying his words have only brought me nothing but peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Sometimes, it does take a while, but he listens. His delay is never a denial.

Today’s post isn’t the usual, but I needed to share this with you, my beloved reader. We are never limited to God. He is our Father. He sees and knows us better. Anything is possible through the strength of God. Never give up believing that God wants to help you. Please keep in mind that he is the best motivator that you can ever seek for in life.

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