“I crush the day I crushed on you, you have made me bleed more than I expected I would ever. I thought you are my savior, my best friend and that special one. No!! I believe I lied to myself. Sometimes I think I blind myself to the truth of life, why? why?”  These were the words of Sarah Abramo, very tough words I must say. She is an amazing friend of mine, my favorite Italian that likes the Nigerian lifestyle.
            Sarah’s boyfriend was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, apparently, he is at his last stage already which means the cancer is larger.  I guess a lot of us might think all hope is gone, and possibly the risk of death is high. Interestingly, her boyfriend is only 27-year old and prostate cancer is mostly common to men in their 50s and above.  Realistically, these are the tough times that we hope the best miracles happens. These are the times we look for Jesus who raised the dead. These are times that we have a lot of good and bad thought running through our minds.  Most of us are crushed with challenges of the heart in our different situation.
            Heartbreak does hurt, and this isn’t new to a lot of us. My friend Sarah is a perfect example of someone heartbroken. Her words came sincere of pain. But then her case becomes special, a little more different because she is bound to lose someone very special to her. The experiences of heartbreak can be intense sometimes and most times it tends to feel like physical pain. Some individuals tend to suffer depression because of heartbreak, and in some cases, some die because of the pressure of pain. How can one explain heartbreak?
            Heartbreak describe anguish and distress which is due to the pains and strains of love. A broken heart is basically a metaphor for the intense emotional pain or sometimes physical pain that some individual feel losing a loved one, be it through death, divorce, breakup, separation, dejection and even betrayal. We know it all, most of us have been in this shoe, so we know how this feel in our own common sense, with our different experiences. What did yours feel like?
            Heartbreak, one tough stage to go through. According to Sarah, she thought she could spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend who is currently fighting for his life. The reality of that doesn’t exist anymore. But then the question is why does this happen? What have you done to deserve a broken heart?
            People who suffer heartbreak tend to have a lot of questions to ask, which is good and at the same time bad. This is because 90% of the questions they ask have no answers. In some cases, you might want to talk about the situation and at the same time try not to vent so much that you are hold pressed inside of you.  Sometimes we think we made great mistakes giving our heart at first. Other times we make it even worse for ourselves by deceiving our self with words and imaginative thoughts and hopes. Some even question, why do we love?
            Folks, we know it all, this isn’t new. No! snap back to reality, you are broken, yes! I know it isn’t easy, but there is a life ahead. One person wouldn’t be your reason to condemn your present, making you push yourself twenty steps backwards. Why damage your dreams of tomorrow? Why let pain be the anchor of your soul?
            Some of us have suffered heartbreak consecutively, some question their taste of love. I remember talking to a friend of mine who recently came out of a five-year relationship. she said “what is there to hold from life, where do I start from?” I remember telling her that she had a lot to hold from life, a lot the future have to offer which is yet unseen. I understand it is tough, I understand you are bleeding, but will you let this bring you down?
            I don’t think there are definite words to explain the pains and misery of the broken soul. Love cannot always give us the greatest joy all the time, heartbreak set in some time and causes that pain in the soul.
            Nevertheless, I believe with every sincere step you take forward, reduces the pain each time you look back. As individuals, we need to open our heart to more opportunities and greater chances. I know it hurt, but holding back because of experiences would push us steps backward from getting the best and meeting the right people.

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