Birthday attitude- Gratitude

Happy birthday to me! I woke up this morning with my phone dinging to the hook. In fact, the birthday messages had started rolling in the second the clock hit midnight. Wow! I Am a year older today. I am so overwhelmed by the feelings of gratitude to The Almighty God. I do not know where to start from. I am more than grateful to God, for making me privileged to see and celebrate another beautiful year.

Over the last year, there have been many significant lessons and changes that have happened in my life. Some good, some not so good. But, they have brought me to a place where I yearn for simplicity. Nevertheless., I want to use this medium to say a huge Thank you to God for all the experience of this past year; for times of success which will always be happy memories and for times of failure which reminded me of my weakness and my need for you. Thank you for times of joy when the sun was shining, for times of sadness which drove me to you.

Thank You for having to keep me alive, and providing shelter for me no matter the circumstance. Thank you for your warmth and nourishment. I thank You, God, for Good Health and the Bounteous Blessings which you continually Shower on me.

Thank You Lord for all the kindness You have shown me, for loving me unconditionally, and Your great patience in preserving me despite my sinfulness. Thank you even more for Your protection in the past and for the opportunity to serve and honour You in the future.

Thank You for my family and the fantastic friends that I have. Thank you for using them to bless and motivate me. Thank you for using them to bring me closer to your light and to know You more day by day.

Thank you to everyone who took time to wish me well today, I am so so overwhelmed. I am very thankful indeed for your inspiring words, kind message and gifts. You all are indeed a blessing to me and may you remain ever blessed.

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