At all cost

Studying is never Interesting for most student, yet we need good grades.  Working could be very stressful though we need cash. How then can we achieve goals without stressing?

We all have goals, dreams, aspirations, and even desires, however these can never be achieved by just seating and waiting for it to happen or by dwelling on our imaginations.

How can goals be achieved without putting hard work? We all have different goals, it could be losing weight, reading, starting a business or anything else. The truth is we all want to succeed.

Though we want success in everything we do, I can’t guarantee it at all.  It is usually said, nothing good comes easy. This is where hard work comes to play a role.

What is hard work? It is simply a great deal of effort and endurance. Yet it is important to know that hard work without purpose is like a Ferrari without steering wheels.

Purpose drive hard work and hard work drives success. These three, work hand in hand and can only be achieved when they work together.

Purpose helps establish the focus, which wheels the hard work. Momentum can be a good friend sometimes, but then keep in mind that it is an example of a friend that can waste a ton of time if you don’t keep an eye on it.

People who are driven toward their goals can enjoy their hard work and consequently, the work does not seem unduly grueling to them.

Avoid procrastination it could be the beginning of failure in a place of success.   I am a good victim of procrastination, I lazy around sometimes and forget that time wait for no man.

Sometimes, I set out plans to achieve certain goals and then discover myself postponing date and time. From my experiences, I would like to believe that most of us do it. In fact, some even procrastinate for a year or years. In one way or the other, we procrastinate, and end up discovering that we only just piled more to the existing work left to be done.

Even as student we fall good victims of this. We plan to finish up an assignment and end up leaving it to the last minute, it happens. Nonetheless, one thing I know for sure is that we can all overcome this by disciplining ourselves.  It is going to be hard but then as stated we can only achieve goals through hard work. Why not make it happen?

Hard work is a key to success, though luck could play it positive role sometimes. I believe hard work pays a lot, as it justifies your input.

It is further recognized to be the baseline of great achievements, as there are no shortcuts to lasting success. Self-motivation can help push us along, first, by acknowledging our goals, and realizing one’s main purpose of their goal.    These are the basic start point.

As individuals, we need to understand why we make certain plans and decisions, then stay focused on the big picture, remain active and persistent on your mission. The road may be rough, but I guarantee you, you will certainly scale through persevering

Surround yourself with more positive minded people, but don’t forget to have time for yourself. Also keep in your mind that there’s no fun in a perfect life, therefore make little risky moves, and take a chance.

Do not forget to brainstorm your more positive ideas that can assist your purpose. Then visualize the future and go make it happen by putting in the hard work.  I would like that you keep in mind and establish as well that there is no food for a lazy man.

It takes a lot of hard work to be successful. What are your goals? What are the purposes of these goals? How do you plan to make them become dreams? Are you focused? Are you putting hard work? Or do you plan to relent on the way? Do you believe that your hard work will pay someday?  These are answers only you can provide. Make the impossible possible

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  1. I usually take all these philosophy courses that try to make us understand the mindset of past philosophers. I still ask myself whether they are relevant in my life
    Great Article

    1. I totally believe that Philosphy help educate us on the general and fundamental problems concerning issues like knowledge,values,and many more. However, what they offer is their mindset, but you have to find more understanding based on your mindset and experiences. Then you notice that you have the ability to connect a lot of missing dots.

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