Are They Pillars or Not-(vice versa)

As stressful as last semester was for me, I had a hard time with my course in general. I wouldn’t say I didn’t do well, I didn’t do as well as I expected I would. What kept me going was motivation and self-determination.  There were times I broke down and I almost gave up, but those strong words of encouragement kept pushing me.

            Few days ago, I was chatting with a very good friend, I remember complaining to him about my school work and how stressful it was getting by the day. And then he said to me “all your sleepless night will count one day; you will look back and smile. it’s just for a while, be positive”. Immediately, I couldn’t help but cry, I was touch by these words for reasons I can’t explain. I felt motivated and ready to push, so ready to explore. Then I realized that it only took one person with words to change the nature of things at that time. Then I asked myself, who are the people in my life and what do they stand for?
            We go through tough times when we need just that one person to vent to, cry to and lean on, however how possible is it that we find the right persons? Who are your friends, who encourages you? What do they say? These questions are applicable to all of us.
            These are strong questions I must say. Looking back at your life and where you are today, who is a major impact and in what aspect? Positive or negative?   The reality about life is, it involves boxes of so many rhetorical question, that can’t be definably answered. The people in your life today might be a foundation to what you will become tomorrow. However, what does the picture of your tomorrow look like with the people you call friends and family?  Friends come, friends go, family come and they go, same way everywhere. The impact these people have on you is important, Likewise the impact you have on people matters. Are they positive or negative as well? How are you remembered? Will you be a history or misery? How will history play your story in the lives of people?
            These words will keep you in thought and that is normal, I face this a lot. sometimes we need to open our eyes to reality. I wouldn’t say I have found the best positive-minded people in my life, but they sure have made a difference in me positively. No one, and nothing is a mistake, rather a lesson for tomorrow. The day breaks pregnant with a lot of expectations, what you gain from it before it dies away matters? Your cycle of life is surrounded by people, the good, the bad and the ugly. Nevertheless, these individuals play their given role at the time they tend to exist in your life cycle. The most important aspect is the role these people play to shape your person, and the role you tend to play to shape theirs as well. It is all about you, who and what is being impacted in you based on your cycle of friends as well as family. Think about it.


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