Another reality series with Donald Trump presidency

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Tuesday Nov. 9, 2016, Donald Trump was announced the winner of the US election over Hillary Clinton. The controversial business man, now president never cease to amaze us with his suppose spontaneous statements, as well as accusation through direct sp
eech or social media platforms.

Upon his victory, the world went into a divide as some stood for him, some against him and others remain in-between. Based on a vast variety of individual views and opinions regarding his presidency, a majority think he isn’t fit to be president.

I conducted series of interviews regarding this subject, however for privacy reasons I would not be disclosing the names of my sources.

Nonetheless, some individuals do not support his notion as president and a leader.  Some even claim that he doesn’t know how to take criticism which is meant to be one of the attribute of being a leader.

According to a source of mine, “Trump appeals to the worst instinct on human nature.” How true can this be?  Would you agree with this?

Moreso, another source claims he has no experience in the political field, and for obvious reasons this tends to prove itself.

Politics is a more complex and critical field in the world of careers, and in most cases it is an institution that requires a procedure with more endurance and tolerance level.

Even more, majority of my sources think he doesn’t have enough claims for his argument.  Would you agree with this?

Credibility is an important key to good leadership. As a leader, accountability is a very important factor to keeping a positive body image and status.

The world is looking for individuals that will make a change to the society and above all, leave a positive trademark even after his or her tenure of leadership.

In addition,  president Trump recently took to twitter that he was wiretapped by Obama before he got into office. This is a strong accusation I must say.  However, there are no backups so far to this claim to justify his credibility as a leader and as a president.

FBI director, James Comey didn’t mind giving his own opinion on Trump’s accusation, he says he isn’t aware of any evidence to support the allegation made by Trump in a twitter post of his.

Another source of mine thinks trump uses twitter as a platform form to help solve his stress and anxiety issues.  what do you think?

On March 20, at the hearing regarding Trump’s wiretapping claim against Obama, FBI director gives his testimony to the white house intelligence committee.  Apparently, he still stands on the fact that Trump have no evidence for his claims.

This has a strong tendency of humiliating Trump as well as his political office. However, Trump tries to shift attention away from the wiretapping accusations,” as  he claims, “James Clapper and other stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia.”

The controversy behind these accusations are increasing and are expanding by the day. A source of mine believes that the issues of President Trump is a replica of the popular series, Game of throne.

How would you address these issues? how would you grade and evaluate his leadership? how is the system affected by his controversial accusations? Do we need a change? what are your thought?



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  1. Nice article, sometimes i tend to think that he his facing karma. Any ways, this four years would be very interesting to watch.

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