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Hello! How are you doing? How has your week been? Honestly, mine has been super chilled. I took off last weekend and this week to rest before school starts. Trust me it has been worth it. Even more, I did have enough time to self-evaluate, and that brings me to the aim of today’s post.

I know in a couple previous blog post, I did address the importance of self-evaluation. However, during the week, I took time to reflect on my environment, its impact, the people around me, how they impact me and most importantly, the kind of content I give myself access to and how it influences me.

I believe that these are factors that affect our emotional, physical and psychological state of mind. Your environment consists of everything (and everyone) you come in contact with each day; you’re physical as well as social surroundings, the relationships, sights, sounds, smells and even the words you use on a consistent basis. Then, your content involves the kind of information you choose to receive regardless of where and who passes this information.

However, my primary point of the evaluation was how have they affected or influenced me. To be honest, this goes for both you and I, how does your environment, the people around you and the content you receive impacted or influenced your life. Could it have been a positive impact or a negative one? Well, this was precisely why I thought to share this with you today?

I thought through thoroughly. This is because, the people, our environment and the content we receive shape the way we reason, how we respond to life, the decisions we decide to make and how we make the decisions. Hence, what comes next to mind is, are they negative or positive. Are they beneficial to my growth or not. Do they help improve my psychological, physical and mental state of mind?

A lot of us might not pay attention to these factors, but they do have a significant influence on our day to day activities as well as our life decisions. Why don’t you take time to think of this, think thoroughly? Reflect on the content you choose to receive, and how it has either impacted or affected you.  Have they influenced, changed or affected your environment and the people around you,  as well as your life or your life decisions.

Think about it and Have a blessed weekend!!!!

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