Accepting constructive criticism

Accepting criticism is one of man’s biggest struggle. If we are honest with ourselves, this is a fact. Nevertheless, some of us have groomed ourselves to learn to accept constructive criticism graciously, at least most of the times. It’s not easy; trust me. I learned this the hard way.

As human beings, when being confronted about our errors or responsibility, we could get defensive, emotional, or could even feel attacked by the person addressing us or the situation. Now, if you are currently struggling with this, it’s OK. However, it would be best to control this feeling rather than getting defensive, emotional or angered; why not see it as a learning opportunity to improve your skills, work productivity, and relationships to meet expectations. I also understand that our defence, emotions, or anger can sometimes be base on how specific criticism are directed. It could even be just someone having a bad day, but many times there is at least a grain of truth that could help you get better. Hence we must learn to find the positive in it.

Again, I know it’s not easy, and we are all a work in progress when it comes to accepting criticism from people. However, we all have the discernment to know when certain things are said with good intentions to help us get better. Therefore, when next you are given constructive criticism, see it as an opportunity to learn and improve yourself.

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