Hello there!
I’m glad you are here, My name is Mandy Agbajama.  I would like to believe that I am a very inquisitive and also resourceful person.

I  love adventures, and I always try to explore the best I can. I don’t exactly live life at the edge, but I try to have the best from it in my little adventurous ways.

 I am a graduate from the University of Windsor where I studied Digital Journalism, Communication, Media and Films, and I am currently a radio host at CJAM 99.1FM.

I have a passion for writing, dancing and even music in general.  I must say, dancing brings the happy and very joyful aspect of me. 

I like to get closer to people, mainly to have a fair knowledge of how different individuals operate.  I am also very investigative, I love to get to the root of things, and I think this has in so many ways been very helpful.

Above all, I love to learn new stuff and acquire new skills.