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Are you having trouble staying positive when challenging circumstances present themselves? Adverse situations happen all the time. We can’t avoid them, but how can we counteract their negative effect on our lives? Honestly, the answer is simple, Stay positive! Many individuals struggle with staying positive especially when they go through tough times and challenges. At a point in my life, I did struggle with this, and I believe I have shared this with you guys in one of my previous post.

Thinking and stressing too much about your challenges can increase your level of distress, and this can also result in high blood pressure. It could also lead to an increased rate of depression and a decreased life span. Additionally, negativity can suffocate your dreams and destroy your hope. I believe this isn’t new to most of us. Hence, understanding all of these, creating a positive environment for yourself is very vital.

Besides, are you a person who continually beats yourself up mentally? Now, quit being a victim of circumstance, and get moving! Like I will always state, you cannot run away from trouble, challenges or disappointments, you can only fight against them. Avoid assuming the role of a victim during tough times and start taking responsibilities for yourself. It would be best if you took control over what you can and believe in yourself, and stop worrying about what you can’t. If you need help, seek help, if you need assistance, look for one.

Also, learn to Practice positive affirmation, I know I have stressed a lot about this in most of my blog posts, trust me it helps. Above all, do not stop praying. Allow God to guide you through it all; I am not trying to preach! You need to let God be the foundation of everything that concerns you. You need him to be your source of strength; you need him for everything.

Anyways, that is all for today, have a lovely weekend.

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