A disappointment can be a blessing

It’s only been a Few days into 2019, and a lot have tasted my faith, my motivation to succeed and remain focused. You know what! I can’t give up because that is the last thing on my mind. Well, we all know this famous saying that “Man proposes and God Disposes” right! I will like to say my experience within the last few days has been a combination of that coupled with distractions which aimed at moving my focus and tasting my faith.

For most of you who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, you already know. I was set out to travel back to Canada on Jan 8th, but before that, I had a couple of meeting I had to be present in before I returned. I was hopeful that if I left with a flight on time, I would be able to settle all of it. Well, let say things went ‘west.’ I wasn’t able to make my meetings or achieve anything that day but airport drama. For the first time in a long time, I felt the pressure of frustration lean on me. I couldn’t help but cry, but I didn’t forget to pray. Though there was more drama, God saw me through everything and indeed gave me a testimony. Somehow the meetings I missed turned out to be a double blessing for me. This only made me appreciate the very popular saying that “in every disappointment, there is a blessing.”

My dear readers, the world is a hard place. It is full of disappointments, distractions, and challenges. Nevertheless, have you ever taught of the fact that sometimes in life a disappointment can be a delayed appointment? Well, let me inform you in case you didn’t know, Yes it can!

One of the lessons I have learned from this experience is, never let disappointment pull you down. Don’t allow it to travel towards and through you; you must be determined to meet it with courage and faith. That was precisely what I did. I Learned to have Faith in God. Trust me it is an essential element that helps us push through hard times. This is because with God on your side every disappointment can be converted into a breakthrough.

Today, I am here to encourage you. You cannot run away from trouble, challenges or disappointments, they will always come, but you can change the face of it. Embrace it, meet it as a friend, you never know it could turn out to be an appointment, opportunity and even a blessing. The difficulties of life are intended to make us better. Have an amazing weekend!

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