55 minutes in the bus

Recently, I have pretty much been in my own clouds, dealing with stress from school, work and from other angles. Anyways yesterday, on my way from work, I sat beside this young handsome looking man. Well, I had a lot on my mind that completely took my attention off him.

Sitting leg crossed with my sunglass I kept staring through the window of the bus. I was lost in thought that I didn’t even realized he tried talking to me, this was not until a friend of mine sitting on my left had called out my name. I quickly turned, then he looked at me and said smiling, “young lady, you look so lost in your own day light dream”.  However,  In my head, I was like “this guy doesn’t know am not in the mood for discussions”.

He went forward to introduce himself to me, made me laugh and smooth, we clicked and started talking. He started sharing inspiring stories of himself to me, they were quite funny but made a lot of sense.

“Life is like driving a car that wouldn’t fail to dance on bumpy roads and never fail to slow it movement in traffic, ” these happens to be one of the statements he made during our short conversation.   This came so random yet had the ability to keep me lost in thoughts, in fact I will say I was totally lost. Then, he made it even worse when he  further advised that I admire the beauty of the wheels of a car during a U-turn”. At that point nothing made sense again, I was so confused and for some reasons I never asked for further clarification.

His words kept me thinking critically, and after so much dancing around my own bubbles, it clicked. Then I realized that all he meant was life is full of ups and downs, full of narrow parts and sometimes stagnation that can possibly leave us questioning. However, we are meant to gratefully appreciate life and our creator as things will turn around for good someday.

Furthermore, I believe he was talking based from experience. Before he dropped off the bus, he shook my hand and advised me to appreciate my Present, as a time will come when today will be a story of my past to my blessed future.

I guess I needed to hear this yesterday. We all need some form or kind of motivation and encouragement.  In life, the road to success is never smooth, but with hard work and perseverance things slowly get in place. Appreciate who you are today, who you have positively grown to be, and who you positively see yourself to be.   Appreciate today, and where success is taking you to.

4 thoughts on “55 minutes in the bus”

  1. We often forget that the present is a gift. It is temporary and fleeting. All the more reason that enjoy and make the nost of what elwe have now. That wee truly live, laugj and love in the now.

  2. True words…some people wish to be in the present now and we have it, we did nothing to deserve the present. Don’t dwell on the past, Appreciate the present and be hopeful(not anxious) for the future. Mandy keep it up.

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