2017 journey so far

Happy new year! I genuinely cannot believe it is 2018 already; last year went by so fast. I woke up this morning reminiscing about the last year and everything it came with, both the good, the bad and the ugly.

Last year had the combination of both its ups and downs. However, amid the tough times and the problems, I realized they each came with a fruitful lesson and incredible opportunity.

I learned more about myself and life; I was able to work on becoming a better communicator. I discover my major weakness and strength. I learned the importance and essence of patience, love, care, understanding, harmony, self-worth, consistency, perseverance, and failure.

Also, I learned the value of giving and taking. I learned to become more empathetic and to avoid negativity and negative inspirations. Above all, I was able to develop my faith in God; I learned to believe in God, myself and the power of my potential by the will of God. What have you learnt from your last year’s experiences? What aspect of your life has changed both positively and negatively?

Like I stated earlier, the ups and downs were real. I fell, lost and failed a few times; it wasn’t easy. I had trying times this last year. There were times when the grace of God was all I had as my means of sustenance. It was God all the way. I am grateful for everyone in my life. Each person that I have come into contact with whether it was just one time or a continued relationship.
I am so grateful for those God used to encourage, motivate and even help me. Most importantly, I am thankful for those who have contributed to building me into the person that I am today.

On the hand, I was able to overcome my biggest struggle Which was dealing with negativity. In 2017 I learned to handle to deal with negativity. I learned to keep my perspective, segregate my thought, to stay rational and look for the positive. How about you, Were you able to counter any struggle.

Wow! I am so overwhelmed by everything 2017 had to offer. I have so much to be thankful for. I am grateful to God for the mistakes that became lessons; I am grateful for my life and love, the many opportunities and breakthroughs He made happen in one way or another.
Even more, I am grateful to God for blessing me with very supportive and loving family and friends.

In a nutshell, 2017 was a BLAST!! God was good. I know it is a new year and most of us would be so focused on our different new year resolutions. However, I want to use this medium to employ and encourage you irrespective of your faith to take time and appreciate God for the year 2017 and the rest of 2018 which is yet unseen.

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  1. Really, 2017 was rough in all sense of the word(emotionally and psychologically speaking tho’). But like you, I was able to learn a few lessons from everything I was going through. But I’m really grateful for all the challenges. In their own way they’ve redefined my purpose and made me seen life in a different way and from a different perspective. I wouldn’t say I’ve come out very successful but since realizing where one is weak is already a strength to that person I’ll say I’m on my the right path. So, in 2018 I’ll just work on myself in becoming a better person.

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